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The average person spends $6,800 a month for assisted living facilities here in Hawaii. These costs go up as high as $18,000 a month for a nursing home. Clients could have a Helping Hands Hale caregiver provide personal services a couple times a week, for less than a quarter of what they would spend for an assisted living facility. As you can see, professional in- home care services can be a viable alternative to most people.

Alongside financial considerations, many people experience emotional difficulties adjusting to a care facility. The loss of certain freedoms, choices and abilities to have a pet are all important considerations for the enjoyment of life. The average stay in an assisted living facility is less than 18 months and families lose over 50% of their loved ones within the first year upon them entering the facility. However; the average client receiving in-home care averages 4-5 years of personal services before requiring an alternative care facility.

Enjoying the comforts of your own room in your home, eating what and when you choose, and having a pet are all just a few of the components which make up an independent lifestyle. Helping Hands Hale is committed in supporting everyone to enjoy their independence because as the statistics prove…

” There’s No Place Like Home”


What is In-Home care?

In-home care is described as a caregiver providing assistance with activities of daily living, the common things that a person would do for his/herself on a daily basis. This would include personal care, light housekeeping, laundry, errands and shopping, meal planning and preparation, transportation, etc. In-home care enables a person to maintain their quality of life after frailty, chronic illness, injury or forgetfulness makes living at home too difficult.

What is Live-In Care?

Live in care if for people who are looking for alternative to any type of facility, or simply prefer the comfort and safety of 24 hour, seven days a week live-in care. Live-in care does not mean the caregiver moves into the client’s home. Caregivers must maintain a separate residence and are not allowed to use client’s personal property such as telephone or vehicle. Caregivers stay in the home for the duration of their assigned shift. They may not have visitors or invite their family to the home while they are working. For clients who need 24 hour monitoring 7 days a week, caregivers alternate shift every 48 – 72 hours.

What is Hourly Care?

Helping Hands Hale enables clients to use our caregivers on an hourly or as needed basis. Many clients have a caregiver only during the night, on weekends, or just for transportation to appointments. Helping Hands Hale is flexible and happy to provide care whenever needed.

Can I Save Money and Hire My Own Caregiver?

Unlikely and not recommended. The state of Hawaii has determined that caregivers are considered employees (not independent contractors unless they have an LLC and tax ID numbers) and in order to legally hire and pay your own caregiver you must have a company established with State and Federal tax ID numbers. In addition to their hourly pay you must also pay for Workers Compensation Insurance, Temporary Disability Insurance, General Liability Insurance, and if the caregiver works more than 20 hours per week you must also provide medical insurance for each caregiver. As you can see, choosing Helping Hands Hale is an affordable and easy solution!

What are Helping Hands Caregivers not Allowed to do?

Our caregivers cannot do anything that would be described as clinical or invasive. They cannot administer any medications. If a client needs more than a reminder, then a loved one would have to manage the sorting and administering of pills. If a client requires insulin, or other injections, these would have to be administered by the client or another trusted member of the family.

Who can receive Non-medical In home care?

Individuals of all ages and with a variety of personal care needs can receive non-medical home care services.

Will Medicare pay for Non-Medical In-Home Care?

If your doctor has prescribed clinical help that would be administered by a RN, Physical therapist, or occupational therapist, Medicare will pay. Medicare will not pay if you need help with activities of daily living like non-prescribed personal care, meal preparation, medication reminders, housekeeping, etc. The only insurance that does cover these is long term care insurance.

Do I have to commit to any contract?

There is no long term commitment with Helping Hands Hale. You may use our services for as long as you need with 100 percent satisfaction.

Is Helping Hands Hale insured and bonded?

Yes. We are insured and bonded. In addition our caregivers are trained, CPR and First Aid certified, and must pass a criminal background check prior to being hired.

How is meal planning and cooking managed by Helping Hands Hale?

Meals are mostly determined by the family and /or client. If the client has specific nutritional needs, then these should be clearly communicated and documented. Our In- home caregivers can provide appetizing, nutritional easy to warm up comfort foods for our clients. Intense special diets or specific nutritional meals can be provided through our meal preparation delivery service.

What is Clerical support?

Helping Hands Hale offers clients an assigned professional to assist with paying a bill, bill review, bill reminders, statement reviews, mailings or any other type of office tasks.

Why should I choose Helping Hands Hale?

Because “There’s No Place Like Home”. At Helping Hands Hale we are committed to providing our clients with the very best quality of personal care. Our experienced caregivers provide clients with companionship and emotional support whenever they need it. They are devoted to the safety and well being of each client. We believe in treating our clients as if they are family. Our mission is to support our client’s independent living which will promote a relaxed, happier, safer, and stress free quality of life!


Our mission is to provide affordable home care services to adults or children as we enable them to maintain the highest quality of independent living in their own home.

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Our office is based in Volcano, Hawaii but Helping Hands Hale proudly serves clients on all of Big Island.

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The state of Hawaii has determined that most caregivers are considered employees and in order to LEGALLY hire and pay your OWN caregiver, you must have a company established with State and Federal tax ID numbers. In addition to their hourly pay you must also pay for Workers Compensation Insurance, Temporary Disability Insurance, General Liability Insurance, and if the caregiver works more than 20 hours per week you must also provide medical insurance for each caregiver. Therefore; choosing an established agency such as Helping Hands Hale is an affordable and easy solution that will save you time, money, and relief from being in violation of State and Federal Labor Laws.

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Elder man

Helping Hands Hale is one of the best and most affordable healthcare agencies here on Big Island. They truly make you feel a part of the family going over and beyond to provide the services needed for our family. I highly recommend this agency!"

-Lydia Palmer -Hamakua Coast Big Island.
Elder couple

"You all have been absolutely amazing. Please accept my sincerest gratitude for everything that Helping hands has done for us and our dad. I will be keeping Your number shall we ever need more services in the future".

Natasha S.- Waikaloa Village