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Respite Care: Your Healing Path from Caregiver Burnout


Navigating the demanding journey of looking after a loved one often comes with immense responsibility and dedication. The possibility of experiencing caregiver burnout is a reality, where individuals feel physically, emotionally, and mentally drained from the consistent demands. In such moments, what caregivers truly deserve is the reassurance and relief offered by respite care services.

Respite care relieves the strain from these duties, acting as a lifeline for family caregivers. By reaching out to a home care service provider in Hawaii, you foster a positive caregiving routine. It’s not merely a convenient option; it’s a proactive step towards preserving your well-being and preventing caregiver burnout.

With respite care, the care of your loved ones is momentarily taken over by professionals, giving you the time to restore your energy and focus on your health. This arrangement ensures the caregiving journey is less burdensome and more sustainable.

Furthermore, selecting an expert home healthcare service provider in Hawaii brings more than just respite care. These providers see the holistic picture, prioritizing the physical and emotional well-being of both caregivers and those they care for, and creating a balanced care ecosystem.

Should you find yourself seeking such a balance, Helping Hands Hale is your partner in this journey. Our trained professionals are ready to provide compassionate and reliable respite care tailored to your unique situation. Reach out to our home care services, and together, let’s ensure that the care for your loved one is continuous and your well-being is preserved.

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Our mission is to provide affordable home care services to adults or children as we enable them to maintain the highest quality of independent living in their own home.

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Our office is based in Volcano, Hawaii but Helping Hands Hale proudly serves clients on all of Big Island.

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The state of Hawaii has determined that most caregivers are considered employees and in order to LEGALLY hire and pay your OWN caregiver, you must have a company established with State and Federal tax ID numbers. In addition to their hourly pay you must also pay for Workers Compensation Insurance, Temporary Disability Insurance, General Liability Insurance, and if the caregiver works more than 20 hours per week you must also provide medical insurance for each caregiver. Therefore; choosing an established agency such as Helping Hands Hale is an affordable and easy solution that will save you time, money, and relief from being in violation of State and Federal Labor Laws.

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Elder man

Helping Hands Hale is one of the best and most affordable healthcare agencies here on Big Island. They truly make you feel a part of the family going over and beyond to provide the services needed for our family. I highly recommend this agency!"

-Lydia Palmer -Hamakua Coast Big Island.
Elder couple

"You all have been absolutely amazing. Please accept my sincerest gratitude for everything that Helping hands has done for us and our dad. I will be keeping Your number shall we ever need more services in the future".

Natasha S.- Waikaloa Village