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Making Life Easier at Home as a Senior Citizen

Making Life Easier at Home as a Senior Citizen

You can’t deny that life is vastly different for senior citizens. You have to be more careful where you walk and the small things may be more difficult to do. You might not have the energy to keep pursuing what you love, and life offers unique issues that you never had to deal with before. However, just because you are getting older it does not mean that life has to become more challenging. Helping Hands Hale, Home Care Service Provider in Hawaii strives to provide the support at home you need for a better life. Here is how we can help you today:

  • Homemaking: Doing the daily chores and tasks around the house is not only time consuming but also exhausting. When you are finished doing everything that you need to do, you do not have the time or the energy to do what you actually want. Life is too short to spend it doing things that you do not enjoy, so just leave it to us. We can keep your house clean, we can run errands, do your laundry, clean the dishes, cook your meals, and the list goes on. Our homemaking services are great ways to unload some of the burden that weighing you down every day.
  • Personal Care: Another way that we strive to make life easier for you is by helping you with the personal things. As a senior citizen, you may not have the ability to shower safely or use the bathroom on your own. This can be a huge source of stress, especially in the middle of the night. This is why our caregivers can provide you with the around-the-clock care and support you need to take care of yourself properly. This service allows you to maintain your independence in the comfort of your home.
  • Transportation: At an advanced age it can be tricky to get around the town, but we can help you out. We offer transportation services that you can use in order for you to get where you need to be. We will help you arrive at your medical appointments, we can take you to your family or friends, or we can even take you to the store if you just want to get out of the house for a bit.

Allow us to make life easier by visiting our website at today. Just because you are getting older, it does not mean you have to stop living life to the fullest. So, allow our In-Home Care Service Provider in Hilo Hawaii to help you seize the day!

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Our mission is to provide affordable home care services to adults or children as we enable them to maintain the highest quality of independent living in their own home.

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Our office is based in Volcano, Hawaii but Helping Hands Hale proudly serves clients on all of Big Island.

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The state of Hawaii has determined that most caregivers are considered employees and in order to LEGALLY hire and pay your OWN caregiver, you must have a company established with State and Federal tax ID numbers. In addition to their hourly pay you must also pay for Workers Compensation Insurance, Temporary Disability Insurance, General Liability Insurance, and if the caregiver works more than 20 hours per week you must also provide medical insurance for each caregiver. Therefore; choosing an established agency such as Helping Hands Hale is an affordable and easy solution that will save you time, money, and relief from being in violation of State and Federal Labor Laws.

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Elder man

Helping Hands Hale is one of the best and most affordable healthcare agencies here on Big Island. They truly make you feel a part of the family going over and beyond to provide the services needed for our family. I highly recommend this agency!"

-Lydia Palmer -Hamakua Coast Big Island.
Elder couple

"You all have been absolutely amazing. Please accept my sincerest gratitude for everything that Helping hands has done for us and our dad. I will be keeping Your number shall we ever need more services in the future".

Natasha S.- Waikaloa Village